Check Them Out: The Two Bahraini Women Piloting The Brand New Gulf Air A321neo

The video you’re about to watch may be among the coolest – ever

Captain Yasmeen Fraidoon and Senior First Officer Fatima Ebrahim piloted a flight to Paris through Frankfurt aboard the all-new Gulf Air A321neo, a fleet which the company first acquired in 2020.

This is one of the first entirely recorded flights by both Bahrain women pilots, on the course of their overnight flight from Bahrain to Frankfurt and then on to Paris. The below film, shot by Just Planes, is 27min long BUT was edited out of a whole 5 hour cockpit film. 5 HOURS. It was filmed inside the cockpit where we can clearly see the Captain and First Officer’s procedure during departure and take-off, and throughout the flight!! Many of us don’t know the ins & outs of the cockpit itself, or what it really looks like, so this video is about to give you a little sneak peak!

Fierce, strong and powerful Bahraini females for the WIN

Video Credit: Just Planes

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