People Spent Millions on NFTs in 2021 So Far & Here Are 6 of the Most Expensive Ones

It’s all about everything-crypto right now

That includes Crypto-art! NFTs AKA non-fungible tokens are taking the world by storm. They provide a way to sell digital files – usually JPEGS or GIFs – while recording the transaction on blockchain. The sale of NFTs is associated with the Ethereum cryptocurrency which is currently the second largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin.

People all around the world have made millions this year by selling their digital art and property as NFTs – scroll through to check out the most expensive sales so far:

Nyan Cat

Who remembers this iconic GIF? The creator of NYAN cat – Chris Torres – sold it this last February for 300 Ethereum which comes out to $590,000


This one’s a little… trippy. Steve Aoki collabed with a digital 3D artist to bring us Hairy – a digital figure that dances to Aoki’s music. It also sold for a very specific amount – $888,888.88!

The first tweet

Yup, that’s right – Jack Dorsey sold his first tweet ever as an NFT for almost $3 Million of a new platform called Valuables by Cent.

Grimes’ art collection

Yes, THAT Grimes. Elon Musk’s girlfriend sold a large collection of her digital art and music videos for $6 million total!


Cryptopunks are actually the OG NFTs. They’re a collection of digital tokens and collectables that can be sold online. Their prices range widely but one recently sold for 4200 Ethereum which comes out to $7.5 million.

Everydays: The First 5000 Days

We’re saving the most expensive for last! Beeple, a graphic designer and digital artist sold a huge collection of pictures posted as a picture a day for 13 and a half years. The collection sold for a total of $69.3 million in an auction by Christies.

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