Local Artist in Spotlight: Ahmed Fuad

Local talents never fail to amaze us!

We’re just big big fans of Ahmed Fuad, a local Graphic Designer! He runs an Instagram page The Thick Line and he’s changing our perspective with all-things digital art. He doesn’t limit himself to a certain style, so you’d find all sorts of graphics on the account. Our faves are the Bahrain-centered ones – ‘reppin our hometown, of course! He produced a digital drawing highlighting the new Bahrain airport, and even has one of Bab al Bahrain – showing the more traditional side of our Kingdom!

And, of course, the one that hit us hard was this throwback

Gen Z kids will never know… Saar cinema closed down a while ago, but our memories will forever live on. Ahmed produced this really cool graphic of it, with a certain type of vibe that makes it look like it’s something out of a comic!! Saar Cinema, we miss you…

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