Local Artist in Spotlight: Elyas Rasti

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Meet the oil paint young master!

The young artist is a master at using oil paint. He has been practicing his craft for the past few years, and his artworks always reflect creativity and quality.

Elyas’ work is characterized by his use of color, which he uses to express stories about life or things he finds interesting. His paintings are known to be colorful with an eye for detail that makes each piece unique.

As you can see here in his Bob Ross painting process, he tends to use different colors as a light source in his coloring to create more depth.

Now, are you interested in oil painting?

Elyas is here for you! He has a short free course on youtube to introduce people to oil painting. If you’re interested in oil painting and its basic techniques, make sure to check it out.

Not just art

Elyas’ doesn’t only paint for the fun of it, but he also aims to share stories through his art and send messages.

Not only that! He has just contributed to the art for peace festival in Bosnia & Herzegovina! Take a look

We love his enthusiasm and work and we can’t wait to see how bright his future will be.
Make sure to support Elyas by following him on Instagram here!

What a talented young man!

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