12 Zoom Memes That Describe Our Everyday Struggles

Zoom Memes About Our Everyday Struggles


Although we’re all feeling a bit fatigued by Zoom these days, here are 12 memes that will give you a good laugh and make it more bearable.

They describe what we ALL experience during Zoom meetings.

This isn’t cat-fishing, that picture is just a better version…

This one’s for the Class of 2020!

Especially in those 9 AM meetings…

All dressed up as if nothing happened!!

This would be the perfect time to download a nice zoom background.

“Yes!”, “I can’t hear you” , “I’m going to re-join”

When your cat is already sitting on the keyboard waiting for your attention.

Or you start breaking up your sentences and blame the “bad connection.”

This one hits hard.

When you roll over in bed at 8:59am and turn on your laptop.

People with kids in the house can definitely relate to this one!

Just that little extra effort for participation points.

Here’s to the humor behind the Zoom era.

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