Classes Are Back! 10 Ways To Prepare For Uni In Bahrain This Year

10 Ways To Prepare For Uni In Bahrain This Year

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It’s back to school season, which is an exciting time for students everywhere.

If it’s your first year starting uni or are coming back for another year, you’ll surely want to scroll down for these tips! Trust us, your uni experience will be so much easier if you check ’em out.

1. #ShowingUp

You showing up is the first step towards your future and on the road to success! Be there, motivated, ready to learn; grow; meet new people; and go on the adventure of a lifetime! College years, here we are, ready for an unforgettable experience! Make the most out of every opportunity presented to you on campus, attend events, go to those career fairs and build those relationships – your experience beyond the classroom will be as important as the one in it.

2. Take a virtual tour to get to know your uni’s campus

Lots of unis in Bahrain would often have a video or virtual tour of their campus up on their website and it’s actually super helpful! Avoid feeling lost when you get to school by getting familiarized beforehand with where the library, your classes, and the Student Commons is from the comfort of your own home.

3.  Find out your options for attendance!

Some universities have fully shifted online, while others offer you the option to attend through a system that will allow classes to be held on campus according to the University schedule. This is pretty great because you’ll be in online synchronous participation, where you can choose to attend either online or in class, based on your preference and situation!

The American University of Bahrain has this solution which incorporates a camera system with views of the classroom, whiteboards, and activity completed on interactive CleverTouch monitors, all being shared through Canvas and Microsoft Teams.

4. Follow your uni’s official social media channels!

Keep up to date on all the latest announcements through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Not only will it allow you always to be aware of the latest news, but you’ll be able to connect and chat with other uni students. It’s a great way to get to know one another off-campus!

5. Introduce Yourself

College friends are the circle you will surround yourself with, not only for the next 4 years, but also later on in life. So whether it’s digitally or safely-distanced, getting to know fellow students is one of the best ways not only to have study friends but also to have an awesome time on campus after class hours, hit the gym, go to events together, and so much more! These are friends you’ll have for life! So start emailing or whatsapp-ing – don’t be shy and introduce yourself! A good way to connect is through student clubs, so join one or create one and enjoy meeting new people!! 

6. Don’t miss out on any important uni updates or emails from your profs!

One of the ways to have a great uni experience is to eliminate the stress of missing out on important info. Win-Win!  


7. Get a Student Bank Account

Did you know that most banks in Bahrain offer a youth or student bank account? What’s great about them is that they wave off fees normally associated with regular debit cards and have offers on stores around Bahrain if you use them. Definitely look into getting one!


8. Get a Unipal Account for discounts

One thing about being a student is that you’ve got to learn to be living life on a budget. Take advantage of your student perks! Unipal is an awesome student discount app in Bahrain that saves you money on LOTS of stores, cafes, restaurants and more in Bahrain. 

9. Spend 10 minutes at the end of the day reviewing your notes, planner, and upcoming readings, etc

Speaking of pop quizzes… If you spend at least 10 minutes every night going through your notes and skimming through the next day’s lectures, it’ll 100% be beneficial to you! You won’t panic in class if you do this. Also check to see if you’ve got everything you need, laptop charger, pens, snacks so that you concentrate on what’s important the next day.

10. Start Planning for that summer semester abroad!

Stop dreaming about that summer abroad and find out your options today! Ask your university about different universities of choice. This way, when summer is around the corner, you’ll already have enrolled in the university of your choice, and you will be ready to jet off into the sunset and enjoy that summer! Talking about semesters abroad, AUBH have recently announced the forming of an academic partnership with California State University, Northridge! California here we come!

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