14 Bahrain Based Apps That’ll Make Your Life Easier

Well, the digital realm is taking over, and Businesses in Bahrain are giving us the world by way of mobile apps!! We don’t know about you, but apps are a major part of what makes us fully functioning humans – we all have Benefit, talabat and Sadad already, and there are even more Bahrain based apps that are taking us to the next level! Scroll to check them out:


Whatever you’d need to get delivered, you’d find it on InstaShop. Groceries, pet essentials, flowers or anything else you can think of – all delivered within the hour!!


Basically never have to think twice about laundry OR carwash services! All under one app.

Tam Bills

All your bills in one go. Seriously, Tam Bills simplified the entire ‘bill paying’ process for us – you can now pay them all with one tap, on one app!


Two words: Student. Discounts.


Can anyone in Bahrain even function the same way if they don’t have talabat downloaded? Basically a necessity on every phone, and probably the only reason we don’t go hungry!!


Another bill payment app here to make our lives easier!


This is the ultimate lifestyle savings app to keep you being smart with your money!

Bookit App

BOOKIT offers booking services for spa &wellness centres, gyms, and now catering!


Say goodbye to physical hospital visits (for the most part). Doctori is a telemedicine platform that allows you to book appointments with medical professionals – you can now consult with them right through the app on your phone!


If you’re a football fanatic, you need Malaeb – the app allows users to reserve fields to play or to match up with groups that already have games planned. Bonus: Malaeb’s even expanded to include fields in Dubai!


Honestly, you don’t even need to cook anymore with Calo – you can subscribe to their meal delivery plans and choose the meals you’d like ahead of time!


This one’s changing the game for online shopping – Sept is all you’ll need for personalized shopping, putting an end to the endless scrolling sessions with no good finds!


uRento is the perfect solution for all residential and commercial landlords in Bahrain, helping you manage all your properties on one streamlined platform!


Kulsha, which basically translates into “everything” is an app for well, everything! This app has everything from food delivery, to groceries and even travel booking.

Here’s to the future of technology & digital-everything!

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