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6 Most Used WhatsApp Emojis And What They Really Mean

Can you imagine life before Emojis? How did we even EXPRESS ourselves?

These little digital facial expressions are gifts to humankind. How would you even know if your friends think that meme you sent to the WhatsApp group was funny if the response wasn’t 5 laughing face emojis?

Check out the list of emojis below that you definitely use and their actual meaning.


On our earlier Nokia phones this emoji was made with ‘:’)’. Do you remember those days? Feels like it was ages ago! You know in your hearts you are probably blankly staring at the screen when you send this ROFL emoji.

FYI, we totally aren’t laughing this hard when we use this emoji.

2. The TONGUE OUT emoji

Unsure of saying something because you don’t know how people will react? Well, here we have this perfect emoji to give you the space of saying “All jokes tho!”

3. The SIMPLE SMILE emoji

This HAS to be your favorite emojis! This smile seems like a simple expression of happiness but mind you, there is nothing happy about this emoji. You should run for your life because there will be a lot of upcoming passive aggression.

4. The CALM FACE emoji

Another emoji which is not quite used as it was probably meant to be. This emoji means that you are controlling your temper or it is your reaction to somebody who has said something WAY TOO “SMART” for you to grasp. Personally, we like to use it to say “I told you so”!

5. The RED ANGRY emoji

Unleash this emoji on all those who get on your nerves. What this emoji hides is the deepest truest rage you have that could come out as a round and red face. If you are served this emoji, just flee the chat!

6. The HEART EYES emoji

This is a very pure emoji and should be used when you LOVE SOMETHING. Don’t use this emoji if you don’t mean it y’all! This is an absolute admiration filled expression that can brighten up anyone’s day! Be the source of light in someone’s virtual life my loves.

Watch out for the next time someone sends you these virtual expressions and enjoy experimenting with the umpteen icons and emojis because they are just so much fun!

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