Celebrate National Day With This Paddle Parade at Bahrain Bay

National Day celebrations begin!

The National Day of our beloved nation brings about joy for all of us! The excitement starts on the 1st of December and exceeds throughout the month! Beach Culture has arranged a National Day Paddle Parade at Bahrain Bay that’ll just color the waters red and white!

Gather your friends and family and join the second edition of the Paddle Parade on the 16th of December! The festive vibe will be real cause the dress code is red and white and you can even bring your speakers to just double the fun!

The parade is scheduled for the 16th of December from 3 pm till 5 pm at Bahrain Bay and there will be a pre-planned route the parade will follow. If not paddle, you can check it out as a spectator!

To register check out this link.

Celebrate right!

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