National Photography Day: These Photos Of Bahrain Will Take You Back In Time

They say old is gold, and that saying can’t be any more true when it comes to Bahrain!

For one, the island is RICH in history as it served as a hub for global trade routes, contributing to much of the diverse culture on the island today, which makes this place so unique.

For National Photography Day, we wanted to take a look back in time to moments captured in history that are significant to what makes Bahrain what it is today.

Scroll down for these wonderful gems from generations ago!

1. The Gulf Hotel in 1971

2. The first commercial flight connecting to Bahrain in 1931

3. This slideshow shows Bahrein Marine Airport and Seaplanes in the 1930s

4. An epic shot of the A’ali burial mounds in 2004 still preserved to this day with residential houses wrapped around it

5. A shot of Bab Al Bahrain in the 1940s to appreciate the souq’s authenticity

6. A shot of a mobile DDT spraying machine in 1952, taken by Walter Sanders

7. A Bahraini weaver in the village of Bani Jamra from 1965 shows the island’s traditions


8. A photo taken by photographer Walter Sanders in 1952 showing Sir Charles D. Belgrave, advisor to the rules of Bahrain, sketching a view in Manama


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