Local x Local: Jude D’Souza Gives Us The BTS Scoop On The Bahrain Jazz Fest

It’s safe to say that music has touched all our lives, at one point or another, and continues to daily.

Bahrain’s music scene has been booming over the past years, and there are several movements that have contributed to the local music scene in a super impressive way. The most notable of these is definitely the Bahrain Jazz Fest.

On this week’s episode, we sat down with Jude D’Souza to talk about music as a career and delve into the life of a creative

Bahrain Jazz Fest started out as a coffee table conversation with friends, and turned into a one-off music festival in Bahrain. The 3 founders poured their soul into this dream that they had for bigger things, and the result was spectacular. The Jazz Fest brings the best local and international music talents to the forefront, highlighting up and coming styles and genres that our island is full of.

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Jude talked about the struggles of downsizing an 8 week festival to a ONE week LIVE STREAMED version

The pandemic really hit this event hard, what with everything being canceled and/or shifting to the digital realm for the most part. With that being said, the result was still a pretty creative pivot, and all the shows were streamed Live at the highest quality of sound and video.

However, Jude has high hopes for going back to the nature of the event taking place in a massive outdoor setting. Online streaming worked for the constraints of 2020, but the Jazz Fest will carry its true essence for future events!

What’s next for Bahrain Jazz Fest?

The Jazz Fest is turning 5 in 2021 and something BIG is in the works! 2020 took an unfortunate, unprecedented turn, but we’re hopeful for 2021 and we’re ready to celebrate!

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