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5 Greek Spots You Can Order Food From That’ll Make You Say Opa

Greek Food Bahrain

Yia Sou!


Although traveling to Greece this year has been off the table for over 6 months, you can still get an authentic Greek experience right here in Bahrain! Seriously!!

Here’s how: we all know that that food is a powerful tool to transform you somewhere else. Whether it’s mom’s Safi and rice taking you back to childhood, or a plate of biryani flying you mentally to India. But in this case, it’s Meditteranean dish after dish in Bahrain that’ll have you thinking you were in the streets of Greece!

Let’s be real, Mediterranean food is the bomb, with all the fresh flavors combined, you can NEVER go wrong with this choice of cuisine. And although you can find Lebanese and Italian restaurants alll over the Kingdom, there are surprisingly not many Greek spots. HOWEVER! These spots below are the shining stars representing Greece in Bahrain, and you need to try them out asap! You won’t regret it.

Scroll to discover a pieces of Greece in the country:

1. Attic

WHAT: The perfect gathering spot for family and friends is this Greek Kouzina in the heart of Block 338. Not only is their Greek food experience excellent, but the ambiance is so inviting!!
Although might not be anytime soon, but definitely check out a Yia Mas Greek Night one day for live music, dancing, and plate breaking!
Block 338, Adliya

2. Bifteki

WHAT: Tucked away in the streets of Riffa is this hidden gem Greek restaurant! It’s a cozy small spot with bursting Meditteranean flavors. Head there for an unforgettable lunch!

3. Manos

WHAT: Manos has been the go-to Greek restaurant in Bahrain for 17 YEARS! One look at the menu will want you to order everything at once. The dining ambiance at this family-owned spot will make you feel like you’re in Greece, however, at the moment it’s only open for Rugby Club members private dining BUT are open to all for takeaways and home orders.
Rugby Club, Saar

4. Agora

WHAT: If you’re planning on making a Greek recipe you’ll want to grab your supplies from Agora, the only authentic Greek products store in Bahrain! From fresh feta cheese, olive oil, pita bread, and a whole lot more check it out for allll the Mediterranean goodies straight from the homeland!
Online for now

5. Opa (opening soon)

WHAT: A Dubai based Greek restaurant that’ll soon be open in Bahrain, widening the Greek food scene on the island! We can’t wait!

Check ’em out!


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