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We Asked You What Your Favorite Coffee Joint Is And Here’s What You Answered Pt. 1

Bahrainis have a serious caffeine addiction – and it probably isn’t (or is it?) helping that coffee shops keep popping up around the island…


We asked LocalBH readers what their fave coffee shops are and here’s part 1 of the never ending list we got:

Grind / Hopscotch

Grind has some of the best coffee on the island. They’re located in Hopscotch Saar so the pastry selection will not let you down!


Roast is a certified coffee roastery – so you know you’re getting the freshest cup! They even sell coffee by the gallon!!

Black 22

If you’re a fan of a black coffee and an industrial aesthetic, this is your spot!


It’s in the name people, this spot will get you buzzed!


Innovation recently made it on our list of the most underrated spots in Bahrain. Not only is it a café-furniture store hybrid, they also have all the latest brewing methods!


Sonder is a perfect spot for a social hangout – they have a great selection of board games to play while you sip!

Aries Café

Some great lattes over here! Tip: Try their hot chocolate – you won’t regret it.

Crust & Crema

Not only do Crust & Crema have fantastic coffee, they also offer beans, cups, filters and basically anything you need to make your own cup at home!

The Knot

If affogato is what you’re craving, the photo above is probably calling to you right now!


Bahrain loves Jasmi’s so Jasmi’s Coffee is a given!


If you like your coffee on the sweeter side, Sorso has so many options for you, including this salted caramel latte!


This hidden gem is where it’s AT – we’re in love with this whole aesthetic!

Alta Cafe

Alta doesn’t only offer coffee, they also have some unique soft serve options!


Joe’s is located in both The Avenues and City Center, and in addition to coffee they also serve some great breakfast!

Higher Grounds

Higher grounds takes cafes to a new level – they have some of the best baristas around and their menu is a great bonus! Vegans, this one’s for you!

Your caffeine kick will REALLY hit when part 2 is out

Stay tuned!!

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