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We Asked You What Your Favorite Karak Joint Is And Here’s What You Answered

Karak is a true staple in the Kingdom. Especially in these winter months, who can resist a cup to keep them warm? We asked Local readers what their fave Karak spot is and here’s what we got:

King Karak

We must’ve gotten like a thousand replies insisting that King Karak is the best in town! This spot is definitely THE go-to

Tea Time

This spot is also a fave amongst locals, and they offer so much more than Karak – we hear their chicken popcorn is fantastic!

Karak 1977

Karak with an aesthetic twist from the past, is there anything cuter?

Lumee Street

Lumee is a classic spot that has all the traditional food you need! Also on the menu, this warm, rich Karak – a must try.

Lamsi Karak

This spot is unknown by most, but we hear it has some of the best Karak in town.

Agaily Karak

Agaily Karak doesn’t only have drinks – it also offers so many great dishes from Bahraini breakfast to ice-cream. It’s a one stop shop to satisfy all your cravings!

Qahwa Karak

Another one to keep in mind, ’cause you can never have too much Karak!

Rqaq Al Taybeen

Rqaq Al Taybeen has some delicious toasty karak but they also have some of the most creative traditional snacks! They make rqaq filled with all kinds of yummy stuff!

6 Bite

6 Bite makes karak the traditional way – and serves it in a clay pot.


Ashas is one of the oldest Indian food spots in Bahrain and they make perfectly spiced, foamy karak!

Let’s keep these winter vibes going as long as we can!!

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