The 2021 Batman Trailer Was Released And The Internet Is Going Wild Over It

2021 Batman Trailer

“I’m vengence”


The first trailer for 2021’s The Batman movie was released by Warner Bros late last night, starring Robert Pattinson as the Dark Knight.

The upcoming DC movie directed by Matt Reeves brings the story back two years before Bruce Wayne becomes the Batman, bringing the character back to the origins.

Watch the trailer below:

There were mostly super excited reactions about the trailer:

 reactions about Batman Localbh
localbh Batman reactions
batman reactions on lolcalbh

Warner Bros even created social media accounts for The Batman movie, with Instagram already gaining 16.5K followers

batman in instagram localbh

Batman director Matt Reeves shared some BTS photos on his Instagram account from when production started shooting in January of this year

As well as a couple shots of the iconic Bat mobile on set!

The Batman film is set to be open in theatres October 1, 2021

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