These Bahraini Chefs Are Competing in MBC’s Top Chef and We’re So Proud!

Global all the way

Season 5 of Top Chef is here and we are super excited to follow the intense competition this year too. Not just because of the show itself, but because of the fact that 2 Bahraini chefs will be seen competing this year with a bunch of other participants from the Middle East. Rooting for our super talented chefs, Chef Mahdi Taheri and Chef Naseem Ras Rummani.

The show recently aired its 1st episode and has already generated quite a buzz in the entertainment world, especially in the Middle East. Based in Saudi Arabia, this year the show is being highly anticipated. All the chefs will be seen taking part in exciting yet intense rounds and we’re super stoked to see our Bahraini stars shine throughout the competition.

Chef Naseem is a freelance chef and owns the brand, The Geometry Of Foods, and Chef Mahdi owns a super cool sandwich concept, The Fatty Patty both of them doing an absolutely tremendous job in their respective fields.

We can’t wait for the 2nd episode to air next Wednesday at 9:30 pm. Check out episode 1 here.

Way to go Bahrain!

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