This Local Architect Recolored Vintage Photos of Famous Bahraini Landmarks

Absolutely brilliant

Firas Al Obaidly is a Bahrain-based architect who’s been experimenting with colorizing vintage photographs of Bahrain’s Royal Family, famous Bahraini landmarks, and other iconic vintage photos of our island. He’s been working on this for a while now and his work has been getting the right recognition it deserves. Firas also includes historical facts in the descriptions of his recolorizations and here are some of his recent pieces:

The Canada Dry Company

This factory was founded by Adel bin Abdulrahman bin Hasan Al-Qosaibi. The soft drink factory was designed by a German Architect, and it is one of the few surviving Art Deco structures in Bahrain and was a popular design in the 1950s and 1960s.

The Gulf Hotel Bahrain

This picture is of The Gulf Hotel when it first opened in 1969.

The Bahrain Petroleum Company sales office in Government Avenue, Manama

This is BAPCO sales office in Government Avenue, Manama, which was demolished and replaced into a commercial building, formerly known as Saudi-Bahraini Bank.

The Gulf Hotel Bahrain

This one’s another picture of The Gulf Hotel, during construction prior to its opening in October 1969. Check out Block 338, in previous times known as Southern Qudhabiya which was historically known as Sahel Qazqa. How incredible!

Check out Firas on Instagram and our previous article to have a look at more of his work.

Great work!

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