This Bahraini Photographer Has Been Featured by New York’s Museum of Modern Art

Reppin’ Local!!

From Madinat Isa to New York!! Our fave local photographer Ishaq Madan has made it all the way to New York’s Museum of Modern Art and we couldn’t have been more proud! Ishaq Madan’s work has been featured as part of the MoMA Photo Club, an initiative by The Museum of Modern Art.

This social media initiative brings artists from around the world together and we think this is an amazing step! The process includes sharing photos on social media using #MoMAPhotoClub. Through themes and challenges, selected artworks are featured on MoMA social channels, the MoMA website, and on digital screens in select New York City subways.

We’re super stoked to see our photographers’ work getting the right recognition!

Making us all proud!

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