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We Asked You What’s a Dish Your Eid Is Incomplete Without and Here Are Your Top Picks

Food food food!

We’re back with another weekly list of your faves and since it’s Eid, we thought why not go for something related to the occasion! Eid Al Adha is all about family time with dinners and feasts going on in full swing, those kebabs and biryanis (heavy on the meat) make this Eid even more special! To celebrate the occasion, we asked you what’s one dish your Eid is incomplete without, and here are your top picks!


Tops this list and every other list, biryani needs no intro! Guys, our Eid too btw!


Considered one of Iraq’s national dishes, this heavenly plate of food is a must on Eid dinners!


Can never go wrong with Balaleet, we repeat, can never!


Another winner here!


Those spices, we’re drooling!

Sheer khurma

This one’s a vermicelli pudding prepared on Eid especially popular in Pakistan and India. It’s like a must-have on Eid!


Okay, Eid or no Eid, Shawarma works just fine!

Fruit Salad

Guys, one sec, fruit salad on Eid when you can have meat meat and meat?

We trust you guys for suggesting the best!

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