This Bahrain-based Photographer Has Been Featured in the Museum of Modern Art’s Photo Club

A 1000 words!!

Enas Sistani is one of Bahrain’s up-and-coming photographers. She’s self-taught, passionate, and has an eye like no one else. Sistani, through her photography, sheds light on issues of mental health. And now, she’s been featured by the Museum of Modern Art, New York in its photo club!

Enas Sistani – AKA @solovagabong defines herself as a street, conceptual and portrait photographer. The first picture on this post is Sistani’s!

MoMA’s Campaign

The Museum of Modern Art hosts frequent campaigns for photographers from around the world to showcase their work. In its latest issue, MoMA shared submissions focused on ‘people’. And how a portrait could tell a story while connecting with the viewer.

Sending a powerful message!

Enas uses her photography to champion mental health. Her work feeds off her own experiences in dealing with Borderline Personality Disorder. In an earlier interview with LocalBH, Sistani said:

I wanted to portray the effects that words can have on people with mental illness. I have long been said that I was “always too depressed” or that “my mental illness is rubbing off on them” amongst many other things. That alone, could have an adversarial impact on one’s journey towards betterment.

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