Jupiter Is Coming Closest It’s Been to Earth in 59 Years; Here’s How You Can Spot It in Bahrain

The closest it’s been!

Calling local stargazers! Jupiter is coming the closest it has been to Earth in 59 years the entire night tomorrow and you can spot it in Bahrain! It coincides with another event called opposition, during opposition, planets appear at their biggest and brightest! Jupiter is coming closer to Earth than it has since 1963 and this event won’t take place for another 100 years!

Tomorrow, Jupiter will be about 367 million miles from Earth. At its farthest, it’s 600 million miles away! How cool is that! It’ll be the brightest tomorrow but the event will continue for a couple of weeks.

So how can you watch it?

You will need binoculars as this event will be slightly impermissible to the naked eye and if you’re looking for professional experience, a telescope would do the job! Max out the excitement by being in a highly elevated, dark, and dry area.

So worth it!

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