A First: This Bahraini-Saudi Company Is Accepting Payments in NFT and Cryptocurrency

“For the people, by the people!”

If you’ve been to Bahrain Comic-Con, you’re sure to know Dallah Promotions! We’d first like to thank them for bringing a bunch of cool stuff to our island!! Being their best selves (and trendsetters), Dallah Promotions has now set a mark in the next big thing, cryptocurrency!! For the first time in the country, a Bahraini-Saudi company, Dallah Promotions is accepting payments through NFT and cryptocurrency!

We had a chat with the Managing Partner at Dallah Promotions, Salman Bukhari and along with sharing his goals and aspirations of bringing the next big thing in tech to Bahrain, he talked about what made him take the initiative, the reason being the bright future that digital currency has! For real guys, crypto is the future!

Dallah Promotions started accepting crypto payments such as Bitcoin and Ethereum (with special discounts) early this year and plan to create more avenues making them local digital trendsetters. Watch out for their work on NFTs and their efforts to go international with blockchains! We hope and wish the company and the super talented team goes a long way and reach the milestones they’ve set for themselves.

Side note: Comic-Con is coming back this year with stars from Money Heist, Rick and Morty, WWE and so much more!!

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