COVID-19 Cases In Bahrain Are At An All Time High & Here’s LocalBH’s Guide To Staying In

Covid-19 cases in Bahrain have reached a new high. With the Ministry of health announcing that 896 new cases just yesterday and 6980 total cases – this marks the highest ever recorded number of daily cases in the country.

The Ministry has taken many steps to try to hinder the rise of cases including the halting of indoor dining, indoor gyms & fitness centers as well as temporarily closing mosques.

The best thing to do right now is to try to stay in, and socially distancing when you have to be out. LocalBH has covered many at-home options that’ll help us stay busy while we’re at home, so scroll to check them out:

Celebrate Valentine’s Day In

Valentine’s Day is only a day away, and you can totally celebrate it at home. We’ve compiled a list of fine-dining spots that deliver through talabat for the best at-home romantic dinner!

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Order & send gifts right from your phone

Similarly, if you need to send flowers or gifts when it comes to occasions you don’t have to leave the house. Floward has us covered with sooooo many options and same day delivery!

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Spend your weekends at home with the fam

Our list from a couple of weekends ago still stands – there are so many activities to do right at home!

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Spend your free time bingeing the latest Netflix releases

We’ve compiled a list of the most exciting Netflix releases coming in Feb. Including, the newest addition to the “To All the Boys” saga which just came out yesterday – just in time for V-Day!

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Order these BBQ kits for some family quality-time this weekend

Winter seems like it’s coming to an end pretty quickly – so savor it and order these BBQ kits while you still have the chance!

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Bonus: for those who need to work out and don’t have the space at home

Work out in safe socially distanced outdoor areas

With gyms being temporarily closed, the next best option is to work out in public spaces and parks that are completely safe.

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Or workout at these outdoor gyms

If you need some gym equipment while you work out, check out our list of gyms in Bahrain that have fully equipped outdoor spaces!

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Stay home, and stay safe, everyone!

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