Last Month Goes on Record as the Warmest Ever November in Bahrain in 120 Years

Warmest on record!

According to a report by The Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications’ Meteorological Directorate, last month was the warmest November ever recorded in Bahrain since 1902.  November 2022 goes on record as the warmest November ever experienced in Bahrain since 1902.

The mean temperature of the month was 27.4 C which is 2.8 C above the long-term normal for November and this goes on record as the highest mean temperature since 1902. Previously the record was 26.2 C recorded in November 2020.

The mean maximum temperature of the month was 30.8 C and the highest temperature recorded was 35.7 C which was recorded at Bahrain International Circuit on the 2nd of November.

Temperatures are going up

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