This Platform Helps Creatives of Bahrain Highlight All Their Talent

For all you artsy & creative locals out here

Creatives of Bahrain is the go-to platform if you consider yourself to be, well, any sort of creative in Bahrain! The platform supports any and all types of talent – whether you’re a filmmaker, writer, painter or dancer, there’s a place for you.

The founder of the platform is a local artist herself, Magnanimous by Layan. She had a vision to inspire and support local creators in Bahrain – the talents that struggle to find their target audience and just need a push. And as you all know, we’re all about that life!!

Like, what??? They’ve featured different artists on their platform, ones that stand out with their craft and interesting motifs found in their work – using their platform to spread the word AND talent.

For example, this Bahraini musician’s video went VIRAL after he put it out a few days ago, and Creatives of Bahrain put it out there in support as well! Noah, if you’re reading this: CONGRATS!

They’ve built a whole community where locals can interact with each other, support one another and help draw awareness to even more artists and talent in our Kingdom. The long-term goal here is to establish this platform as a talent agency, and eventually start organizing events for locals to really able to showcase their creative work.

If you’ve got any work you’d like to get featured on the platforms, all you need to do is send a DM to Creatives of Bahrain (HERE) and they’ll contact you to discuss!

Locals supporting locals, we love to see it!

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