This Teacher Just Gave An Epic Tip To Make Face Masks More Comfortable

Tip To Make Face Masks More Comfortable

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Georgia based teacher, Angie Madden recently shared a video on Facebook and it’s now gone like SUPER viral, being viewed 14 million times and shared with over 300k people!

The back to school tip features a face mask bracket and the affordable face mask accessory can actually make wearing a mask much more comfortable and breathable.

In the video, Angie says “it keeps your mask off your face, you can hear me clearly and I’m not breathing my mask in”

Which is perfect for anyone who’s out working and students going back to school.

To buy on Amazon check out the links below

These silicone molds are less than BHD 5, comes in a pack of 3 or 5, and can make wearing a face mask all day feel comfortable, as well as avoid lipstick and makeup stains on the mask!



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