You Don’t Need A Netflix Subscription To Watch These 10 Great Shows And Films

Free Netflix Great Shows And Films


We appreciate those true heroes in our lives that have let us mooch off their Netflix account for years, we salute you!

However, if you’ve been recently booted off your friend’s account or don’t have your own subscription, GUESS. WHAT…

Netflix is making some of their BEST TV and movies free to watch! Seriously, Netflix, do we need more reasons to love you?

Scroll to the bottom to find out how

netflix localbh

These 10 originals are available to stream for free right now:

Netflix says the titles are subject to change so don’t wait ’till last minute to jump on one of these classics!

  1. Stranger Things
  2. Murder Mystery
  3. Grace and Frankie
  4. Our Planet
  5. The Two Popes
  6. Love Is Blind
  7. When They See Us
  8. Bird Box
  9. Boss Baby
  10. Elite
stranger things local bahrain

Click here to watch for free!

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