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A Bath Bomb Collection To Make Everyday A Friday

Bath Bomb Collection

Did someone say bath bombs?


Yeah, the stuff that looks so good you wanna eat it. I guess we can resist that urge since we can still use them in our baths!! We’ve curated the yummiest-looking ones, homemade in Bahrain and infused with different oils; the good stuff that’ll probably put you straight to sleep.

Natural Spells

Please DO NOT eat them no matter how delicious they look!!! You can customize your boxes with bath bombs from different collections, to get a feel for all the goodies!

Um, Harry Potter themed bath bombs? Where have you been hiding???

Looking like something out of space… Does this have moon particles in the mix?

Moments 383

Bath bombs, soaps, scrubs and candles here. All handmade!

Saboon House

We love the name, first of all.

And these Lemongrass bombs? Infused with essential oils and will mentally send you to the moon.

BONUS: This UAE-based shop below ships to Bahrain!!!

Sprinkle and Sparkle

These bath bombs actually come in a bag, very unique, super colorful and again, essential oils in the mix!

Happy bathing, everyone!

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