The UAE Named the First Arab Female Astronaut & We Couldn’t Be More Proud

History being made right here

Or should we say HERstory? Nora AlMatrooshi has been announced as the UAE’s and the Arab world’s first female astronaut! AlMatrooshi has been picked out of a pool of over 4,000 candidates who applied and her track record proves that she’s the woman for the job.

Nora has bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the United Arab Emirates University and a whole list of achievements. Including, managing engineering projects for the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company and being a member of the UAE Youth Ambassadors Program in South Korea!

HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum announced the news on twitter and instagram, you can check out his post below:

Nora took to twitter herself to portray how grateful and excited she is for the historical moment:

Best of luck Nora, we can’t wait to see you up there

…in space and all.


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